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3-Step DIY Brand Audit — How to Tell if Your Brand "Fits" You

Updated: Mar 12

"Mmm I don't think that's a good look on you."

That's what you'll probably hear from an honest friend if they catch you leaving the house wearing something that is bound to bring you public embarrassment.

(That is, if you have friends who are kind enough to tell you the truth when they see it) 🤷‍♀️

Unfortunately, we don't always have the same kind of help when it comes to our branding, which is the business equivalent of your wardrobe.

So how do you know if your brand "fits" you?

Sometimes we're so close to ourselves that it's hard to tell if our brand setup actually fits us.

And what I mean by that is if you ever got someone to think:

"Hmm... you're a little different from what I was expecting. You don't look anything like your profile picture, and the way you talk is a bit different from the way you type."

But since no stranger (or new friend) would ever say that out loud, it's up to you to figure out if the way you're coming off online is setting the right (or wrong) expectations for your audience.

So what's the best way to do that?

Step 1: Figure out how other people see you

Your personal brand is the intersect of other people's opinions combined with your own.

Before you go at me with your objections, hear me out on this...

What others see on the outside is often the parts of you that you think are, "good enough" to be seen. Oftentimes in the world of business, this can show up in the form of:

  • You always trying to position yourself as the "expert"

  • You never sharing about what you're actually struggling with

  • Hiding the messy parts of your growth

If any of these statements hit home, chances are you might need to ask the people around you how you're coming off.

Here are some good questions to lead with (if you're brave enough to ask your friends about their honest opinion of you):

  • What are your initial impressions of me?

  • Are there specific things that I say / do that give you that impression?

  • What do you like / dislike about me?

  • Knowing what I'm like in-person, is there anything you'd like to see more of from me when I show up online?

Step 2: Figure out how you see yourself

Once you have those answers from other people, now it's time to look inward and ask yourself those same questions.

Remember, other peoples' opinions only form half of the pie when it comes to your brand. Chances are, there are things you want to communicate that aren't coming through in the way you show up, so it's important for us to get clear on what you're trying to say.

Here are some good questions to lead with when you're doing some self-reflection:

  • How would I describe my personality & characteristics?

  • Which of those things am I happy with and want people to see more of?

  • Which of those things am I unhappy with and have a tendency to hide?

  • What do I want people to think / feel when they interact with me?

  • How do I feel about the way I'm currently showing up?

Step 3: Figure out where the gap is

Now that you have both sides of the puzzle, it's time to lay everything out and see:

  • Are there areas of overlap between other peoples' opinions and my own?

  • Are there any gaps between what I'm trying to communicate and what's being received?

  • What are some creative ways that I can be bridging that gap?

Doing this exercise might leave you with a few surprises, so it's important to remember to keep an open mind and understand that working on your own branding will get you to face parts of yourself that you might not have a good relationship with.

Also... it's ok to feel uncomfortable with receiving feedback!

When I did this exercise for myself, there were a few things I discovered that felt REALLY uncomfortable.

(I didn't realize that random strangers on the internet saw me as a workaholic who spends an unhealthy amount of time working on my business).

But when you have your awareness brought to these kinds of things... it's an amazing opportunity to ask yourself if there's a better way that you can be showing up!

Remember, the goal of doing a brand audit is...

To find a way to present yourself more accurately and authentically so that you never find yourself in that position where you set the wrong expectations with someone when they first meet you.

ALSO... don't we all just want people to like us for who we actually are instead of the picture-perfect image that we try to paint online? 🤷‍♀️

If you found this brand audit helpful BUT...

Feel like you want some extra support in figuring out what to do with all the feedback you've gathered, book yourself a quick call with me to learn more about how I can be supporting you with your branding and see if we're the right fit to be working together! 👇

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