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Who are you when no one's watching? ๐Ÿ‘€

To be honest with you... I wrote an entire diary entry yesterday (on organic ways to expand your reach) that I decided to scrap because it didn't say what's been really on my mind.

Yes, business is important...

But I actually wanted to talk about some human stuff for a second.

Because I've noticed myself constantly struggling to find a balance between putting out content for the sake of my business, and actually just saying what's on my mind because it feels good to express it.

It's crazy to me that this is even a discussion because all of this online stuff didn't become a thing until recently.

People used to create things because it made them happy โ€” now people create things for views, likes and social validation.

And it's gotten so bad that now we ONLY create content that we think people will like... which is a slippery slope if you want to maintain any sense of self in this crazy online world.

Like... do we even know who we are anymore when nobody's watching??

That's the thing that's been on my mind this past week.

Sometimes I catch myself sliding down the slippery slope of posting up things that people like just for the sake of keeping up engagement rather than the reason why I think anyone should be sharing anything... which is simply because you want to share it.

And when I catch myself doing these things, I always need to remind myself that this is also a part of me exploring my brand and getting GOOD at listening to my internal compass that says "yes" or "no" to the things I try.

The funny thing is... you don't know what does / doesn't work for you until you take a shot at it.

If you run a business, you'll need to figure out what a healthy balance looks like for you โ€” because it IS important that people like the content that you post out...

As long as everything you're putting out is in line with what your brand is all about.

Create content that feels good to you, and let that dictate who chooses to follow and engage with you... because it doesn't really work the other way around!

This post is a lot shorter and sweeter than my previous ones, but that's what's been on my mind this week!

Give me a shout on Instagram @racheltylee if something I shared here resonated with you โ€” I'd love to hear about it ๐Ÿ™Œ

Have an amazing week friends!


Rachel ๐Ÿ’–

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